Mission Driven Management
                  Mastering Your Role as a Nonprofit Manager in the 21st Century
                                   A user’s manual for professional development
                                         Transformational Management in Action
                                          a guide for managers as Agents of Change

Table of Contents


Part One.
Transformational Management
Organizational culture
Management and Leadership
Systems Intervention Model
Manager as agent of social change

Part Two.
Transitioning to Management
Promoted from within: Managing staff who were your peers
General overview of management tasks
Management relationships
Communication dynamics
Management style
A Day in the Life

Part Three.
Three types of management relationships
Partnering with your supervisor
Managing up
Partnering with staff you supervise
Individual supervision
Group supervision – managing the team
Group dynamics
Consensus decision making model
Partnering with other managers in organization
Managing in small, medium and large organizations
A Day in the Life

Part Four.
Managing programs and operations
Mid – level management responsibilities – Four new areas of responsibility
Supervising other managers
Developing program/services – a template
Social work case management – school based
System Intervention Model – Theory to Practice
Special cases:
School based services
After school programs
Volunteer management
Intentional Learning Communities/IPD
A Day in the Life

Part Five.
Managing collaborations (multi-agency coalitions)
Alignment among collaboration members
The need for common goals
Strategies to manage conflicts

Types of collaborations
• Membership
Designated membership
Voluntary membership

• Function
Project orientation
Coalition building orientation

A Day in the Life
Case Studies