Workshops and Webinars

The Art and Science of Nonprofit Management (Series)

The professional development series (The Art & Science of Nonprofit Management and Leadership©) consists of four interconnected workshops. The workshops can be delivered individually or as a series, depending on the training needs of the staff. Power point presentations of some of the workshops are available upon request.

The format of the workshops includes didactic presentations, small group activities that focus on problem identification and resolution, large group discussions on the macro issues related to relevant case studies.

The workshops are designed to focus on developing a mastery of management skills and practical application of these skills in real world scenarios.

A brief summary of the workshop series:



Session One                                                                             

 Work/Life Continuum                                                                                    

Transformative Management   

Transitioning to Management                                                                  

New Manager Supervising Former Colleagues     

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Session Two                                                                                                              

Management Relationships                                                                      

Communication Dynamics

Management Styles

Roles and Responsibilities

Tools of Great Managers                  

Group/Team Dynamics

Strategies and actions to address any issues/conflicts among staff    



Session Three        

Three Types of Management Relationships                                                                                       

Management Functions                                                                               

Supervision of Staff and Programs                                                                     

Leadership and Management                                                                                     

Knowing Yourself as a Leader                                                                          

Your Leadership Style                                                                                        



Session Four        

Critical Thinking and Thought Leadership                                                                                      

Organizational Culture                                                                                                       


Professional/Career Development Plan                                                      


Workshops tailored for specific needs of your organization

Managers and agencies will have the option to ‘pick and choose’  (from the workshop topics listed above) which topics they would like for a workshop designed specifically for their staff


Webinars/Online curriculum

Art & Science workshops have been presented as a webinar. The curriculum format includes case studies/scenarios designed to engage participants in problem identification and resolution of  the topics/issues in the webinar.