Coaching/Professional Development

Can your staff benefit from coaching?

As a manager you would like to support your staffs’ professional and career goals.

Third Sector Solutions/TSS provides individual and group coaching for your staffs’ professional and career development.


Third Sector Solutions/TSS coaching model includes an initial assessment process to determine the staff’s needs, priorities and expected outcomes. The assessment process is ongoing throughout the coaching relationship, since the staffs’ priorities may shift during the coaching contract.

TSS partners with the staff to determine the desired outcomes of each coaching session. TSS utilizes many of the management concepts from the book ‘Mastering Your Role As A Nonprofit Manager‘ in its coaching services.

This approach is used to assist the staff in developing strategies to address current and potential staff and program related operational issues, as well as providing staff with an opportunity to create a lifelong learning strategy for their professional growth.

  • For new and emerging managers

This is your first supervision/management position and you are finding new challenges:

  • How to work well with staff who have been your peers
  • How to create and maintain a positive teamwork culture with staff you supervise
  • How to develop a ‘best practices’ supervision model

TSS will work with you to turn these situations from challenges to opportunities to learn new skills and better understand your management style.

  • For managers new to mid and senior level management

Your new responsibilities will include managing people, programs, budgets and potentially external relations often at the same time.

TSS can assist staff interested in developing strategies to manage these competing priorities with a special focus on the role of delegation in professional and organizational development.

Coaching circles for management teams.

These coaching circles provide the agency with the capacity to support their staffs’ management training and establish a Professional Development track for managers interested in career advancement.

  • Cohort/Group

TSS’s cohort coaching model is designed for staff that are part of site teams (after school) and/or teams (manager and direct service staff) within nonprofit agencies. The assessment process (staff needs, priorities and expected outcomes) is similar to the process described for individual coaching.

Discussions and problem solving strategies for cohort coaching may include (but are not limited to) team building, management styles, communication dynamics, organizational culture within the team and (when appropriate) at the school.

Professional Development

As an Executive Director recruiting, hiring and retaining high quality staff is a top priority.

TSS has created professional development activities (coaching, workshops and webinars) that are designed to meet the immediate and long term goals of the organization and management for their staffs’ professional development strategies.

Executive Directors will have the capacity to design the mixture of workshop topics and type of coaching (individual and/or coaching circles) to meet the specific goals of the organization’s professional development track.