Maria Sison – Site Director Juma Ventures

Bruce provided consultation as Third Sector Solutions Training and Consulting practice to a small group of managers that I supervise. First, Bruce worked with me on creating a short training series to introduce my relatively new staff to best practices in management in order to help create a distinction between management and supervision, so my staff could begin to develop their own management style. For years I worked with managers who were great supervisors, but lacked focus and training in management principles. Many professional trainings prioritize supervisory skill-building, but I also knew that the demands of this staff required an ability to navigate the demands of a fast-passed, constantly innovating and evolving work culture and providing direction and support to younger staff. Bruce worked with me to create a meaningful and experiential training that also takes into account multiple types of needs and multiple staff backgrounds and experience. He was able to create a training series in the short time allotted that highlighted best management practices as well as best practices for dealing with being a new supervisor and leading from the trenches. Bruce came prepared to tackle multiple topics and brought tons of anecdotes from several decades of experiencing managing in nonprofit settings. It also helped that Bruce had a background in case management and had dealt with some of the issues my staff were dealing with. We are a team-oriented environment and Bruce also brought some tools to help us work together better and build peer learning structure to our regular meetings. My staff enjoyed Bruce’s expressive style in workshop facilitation and especially the experience he brought in his training.